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by Threads And Shirts

Soft floral pattern on a cotton base. A handcrafted luxury tie. Perfect for winter jackets and ev..

Rs. 1,000

The Ella Dress New Arrival

The Ella Dress

by K.Kristina

A plunging collared V-neck with a drop shoulder, the Ella is made from summer cotton. The bottom h..

Rs. 4,825

The Sophia Dress New Arrival

The Sophia Dress

by K.Kristina

A dress with a hint of sparkle is all you need to stand out at that party! The Sophia is layered i..

Rs. 4,890

The Zoe New Arrival

The Zoe

by K.Kristina

The Zoe makes for a great statement piece! The top is made from summer cotton and is fully lined. ..

Rs. 3,800

The Chloe Top New Arrival

The Chloe Top

by K.Kristina

A drop shoulder top made from white summer cotton, with knife pleats in black crinkle cotton. The ..

Rs. 3,465

The Emma Top New Arrival

The Emma Top

by K.Kristina

White and pristine, the Emma is made from summer cotton. The bottom of the top is neatly pleated i..

Rs. 3,465

The Olivia Dress New Arrival

The Olivia Dress

by K.Kristina

Light and free flowing, the Olivia is perfect for a classy evening out. Accessorize it with a stat..

Rs. 4,220

The Ava Top New Arrival

The Ava Top

by K.Kristina

Keeping it casual yet sophisticated, the Ava is made from black rayon fabric. There are charcoal p..

Rs. 3,150

The Mia New Arrival

The Mia

by K.Kristina

Stylish and uber chic, the Mia is one of those basics you simply must have! Short in the front, th..

Rs. 2,850

Gourmet Black Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Black Bath

by Hedonista

A deep skin detox inspired by Turkish hammams. Charcoal and neem bring the luxury of a hammam to yo..

Rs. 375

Gourmet Beer Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Beer Bath

by Hedonista

Inspired by the ancient Egyptians’ love for beer baths.Beer softens and hydrates skin, making this..

Rs. 425

Gourmet Wine Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Wine Bath

by Hedonista

A luscious soap for promising evenings. Raise a toast to yourself with this buttery soap laced with..

Rs. 425

Gourmet Salt Soap New Arrival

Gourmet Salt Soap

by Hedonista

Shed all impurities with the Himalaya’s ancient minerals. Himalayan pink salt, a luxury bath salt, ..

Rs. 565

Gourmet Milk & Clay Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Milk & Clay Bath

by Hedonista

Tighter pores, lighter marks and a smile on your face.    This handmade soap has French ..

Rs. 375

Hand & Foot Soak New Arrival

Hand & Foot Soak

by Hedonista

A relaxing soak for those languid, home-alone moments. Soak your hands and feet into this salt&nbs..

Rs. 1,155

Oudh Frozen Ittar New Arrival

Oudh Frozen Ittar

by Hedonista

A solid perfume inspired by fragrant souks and musky monsoons. Dance the night away on a tidal wave ..

Rs. 1,045