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Argan Conditioner

This sulphate- and silicone free conditioner hydrates and smoothens hair. Enriched with Argan oil, i..

Rs. 1,320

Argan Hair Finalé

End your hair ritual with this final rinse.A classic beer and vinegar combination for a silky, shiny..

Rs. 1,320

Argan Hair Oil

Put your feet up and let your hair down. Moroccans dip their pita in argan oil and drizzle the oil..

Rs. 1,650

Argan Shampoo

This sulphate free Argan shampoo with natural ingredients is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants an..

Rs. 1,320

Clear Moisturiser 300ml

For a face that glimmers. A lightweight, quick-absorbing, hydrating gel moisturiser for humid month..

Rs. 1,925

Clear Moisturiser 50ml

For a face that glimmers. A lightweight, quick-absorbing, hydrating gel moisturiser for humid month..

Rs. 525

Face Dew 100ml

This gentle mist replenishes your skin, anytime, anywhere.Easily hydrate and soothe tired skin at th..

Rs. 935

Face Soufflé

No-guilt indulgence. This decadent elixir of chocolate and rhassoul clay is an all natural face p..

Rs. 1,650

Fleur Frozen Ittar

A solid perfume inspired by rainforests and wild flowers. Bask in pleasure gardens with the floral f..

Rs. 1,045

Fresh Face Scrub

A lush snack for your face. Sweeten me-time with this brightening, gently exfoliating fresh-coconut..

Rs. 1,045

Gourmet Beer Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Beer Bath

Inspired by the ancient Egyptians’ love for beer baths.Beer softens and hydrates skin, making this..

Rs. 425

Gourmet Black Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Black Bath

A deep skin detox inspired by Turkish hammams. Charcoal and neem bring the luxury of a hammam to yo..

Rs. 375

Gourmet Milk & Clay Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Milk & Clay Bath

Tighter pores, lighter marks and a smile on your face.    This handmade soap has French ..

Rs. 375

Gourmet Salt Soap New Arrival

Gourmet Salt Soap

Shed all impurities with the Himalaya’s ancient minerals. Himalayan pink salt, a luxury bath salt, ..

Rs. 565

Gourmet Wine Bath New Arrival

Gourmet Wine Bath

A luscious soap for promising evenings. Raise a toast to yourself with this buttery soap laced with..

Rs. 425

Hair Perfume

Leave behind whispers of perfume under the milky moonlight. A quick spritz of this perfume around th..

Rs. 1,210