Some Favours are Fun!

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Ah, weddings...

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore them. The part where you see your friends and family commit to love is amazing! But the extra paraphernalia that go wasted? Like the coconuts you receive as wedding favours that you forget to use? Or in some cases a framed picture of the couple (true story)...they make you want to tilt your head to a side, go “eh?” and wonder what the point of the whole thing is, anyway...

...but they’re so much fun!!! And extravagant gestures are what everyone (we) live for!

Now we have some ideas on how you can make your/ your friend’s wedding fun.

And we’re starting with wedding favours. We’ve got some fun ideas for give-aways that your guests will love.

1. Body Candles by Niana

Beautiful and fragrant candles, packaged in quaint little tins, that turn into a creamy moisturizer once they’ve melted. You can also get soy candles for the home or office that can be given away in personalized shot glasses, packaged the way you want.

Body Candles by Niana

2. Home Decor Products by Cherry Tin

Put together a simple little gift basket of handcrafted gourmet gift boxes and personalised stationery.

Home Decor Products by Cherry Tin

3. Perfume Vials by Code Deco

Fragrances are the best way to bring back memories. Give a charming little vial of perfume that’s small yet beautiful and personal.

Perfume Vials by Code Deco

4. Home Accents by Mukul Goyal

Tealight holders and napkin rings in slick stainless tea and gorgeous gold, to make sure that your guests go back with something as chic as you.

Home Accents by Mukul Goyal

5. Fun Stuff by Nida Mahmood

Be it for you sangeet or for your wedding, if you want to give something that’s simply fun, get the cool travel kits, notebooks, matchboxes, and home decor items from Nida.

Fun Stuff by Nida Mahmood

6. Heartmade Prints by Hellen van Berkel

If you’re having an intimate gathering over for a party, give your guests a uniquely printed hand-made scarf that suits each of their personalities.

Heartmade Prints by Hellen van Berkel

7. Scarves by Shingora

Pick up some gorgeous printed scarves by Shingora with the knowledge that the money spent on each of them will help a girl child receive her education.

Scarves by Shingora

These are just some of the ways in which the memorabilia you give away can represent just how great the wedding actually was.

So make those wedding favours fun.

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