Quirk Up Your Home!

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Quirk up your home: The Warm and Woody Edition Think about your home, and what do you see? Is it a neat little space accented with lovely wooden furniture and splashes of colour. Elements that make the space feel cozy and home-y? Maybe you’re moving into a new place, maybe you’re looking to add some furniture or grab a set of new coasters. This month, we’re exploring our favourite brands that help add that warm touch to your home.

  1. At-tin

At-tin is a Mumbai-based furniture brand situated close to the docks and the industrial areas. Their focus is home furniture that draws inspiration from their functional rugged surroundings. The designs are contemporary, yet built with warm wood, that is unpolished and raw, to create a look that’s barebones and functional, but also beautiful and timeless.

  1. The Postbox

Add some touches of colour and quirk around the house with The Postbox. A Chennai-based brand with a young and vibrant ethos, find all the colours and moods of India as well as those pop-cultural references you want to lend to your home. Their coasters and artwork are just the things you need, to add a splash of colour to your home.

  1. Art Lab

Bold, vibrant, unique and quirky are words that do not do justice to the work by Art Lab. Art Lab uses mixed media to create works of art that express mixed ideas and a hodgepodge of thoughts and emotions. Find an outlandish work of art to hang up as an interesting focal point in your home, or put it up with the rest of your art collection to add diversity, intrigue and a whole lot of bold.

  1. Cherry Tin

Pick up your linens from CherryTin. Their range of tablecloths, cushion covers, table runners and place mats, are inspired by traditional motifs and patterns, as well as bold pop colours and geometric patterns. Pick up something you’ll love, and brighten up that home.

  1. Safomasi

Find cushion covers, comforters, tea towel sets and even aprons, in pleasant hues and patterns set against a serene white. The Allepey collection by Safomasi mirrors the tranquil energy of God’s Own Country. So bring that cool and comforting feeling of being away at a resort, to your home.   

These brands add warmth to a home with colours, patterns and familiar imagery. Just so your home can have a bit more heart, a bit more soul, a bit more of the country we all call home.

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