Honey, Take Me to the Moon!

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Tired of shopping for the wedding? Bored of looking at all of that beautiful traditional-wear for the Mehendi, Sangeet, Reception . . . every day? Of course not. What a ridiculous thought.

Shopping is awesome, and wedding shopping, even more so. This is literally one of the happiest moments in your life. But you don’t have to restrict it to shopping for the wedding alone. We think it’s time you think about the Honeymoon trousseau as well.

Why? Well the question is really quite unwarranted, but we’ll answer it anyway because we love you and we love your trousseau already. But, for one, shopping for the holiday really can make for a lovely little reprieve from all of the zardozi you’ve been looking at. And for another, you must, must, wear something absolutely smashing for your post-wedding profile picture as well.

It’s just the way things should be.

And here’s what we love for the Honeymoon Trousseau this year:

1. Resort Wear by Hemant & Nandita

If you haven’t decided on whether to do a beach destination as yet, this collection will fast-track the decision making process. Hemant & Nandita’s gorgeous printed maxi dresses, skirts, blouses and jackets are beautiful and chic no matter which part of the world the beach is at.

2. Whimsy by Vivek Karunakaran

Add that touch of whimsy with Vivek’s flowy printed skirts and colour-block shrugs from his collection Viia, or a pair of ultra chic harem pants or fitted shorts.

3. Travel Gear by 1701

Totes, camera bags and passport covers, so every little detail and accessory can scream happiness.

4. Totes by October

Printed bags, clutches and totes that yell out holiday!

5. Travel Candles by Niana

Because flashlights are not what you carry for a honeymoon, try a beautifully scented candle tin from Niana instead. Carry them for an impromptu candle-light picnic alone by the beach.

6. Body Scrubs by SkinYoga

Carry a portable spa with you to that wonderfully desolate island or cabin in the woods. Treat your skin after a morning outside.

7. Lotions by PureEarth

Keep your skin supple no matter what the change in weather.

8. Perfumes by CodeDeco

Leave behind that bottle of perfume unless you don’t mind giving it up at the airport. Carry CodeDeco’s fragrances in their charming little vials instead.

9. Sandals by Ticket TO Timbaktu

Forget Timbaktu. These classic colour-block sandals are dainty yet fun and can belong anywhere. Especially in a resort or beach destination. Especially in your wardrobe.

10. Wedges by Kanabis

Holiday friendly heels. Ditch those flats for a pair of wedges if you’d like, for an afternoon about town.

11. Hair Accessories by Karleo

Gorgeously Grecian headbands for that evening out.

12. Jewellery by Lune

Contemporary statement pieces designed with natural rock, crystals and organic shapes.

13. Quirk by Quirk Box

Show off your quirky side from day 1!

So get these looks for your honeymoon trousseau. After all, fashion is for life as well.

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