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Retail is so passé.

We’re all looking for that piece of clothing or accessory that nobody else has got. And we find ways to pick out things before anyone else has got them. Before it gets “cool”.

And there are a bunch of things we do to get that piece or that look. It could be anything from scavenging the alleyways of Sarojini Market, or having that Zara outfit flown down from the states before it comes to stores in India, or finding little pop-ups and flea markets that emerge out of nowhere, hiding in plain sight, almost inconspicuous with just how bold they are.

Because it’s a crazy thing, how a lot of these pop-ups go unnoticed by the masses when they are screaming stripes, polka dots, organza and tulle. They go unnoticed because people think it’s for the crazies.

Now we, are the crazy.

Our ambition when we set up MAALGAADi was to set up a store that’s cool (and reinvent ourselves just before it catches on, of course). We devote our days to finding the quirkiest designers from across the country and sometimes from other parts of the world, to get their stuff to our store. And to discover those retail brands that are pushing the envelope by staying in it just long enough till people catch on, and then moving out of it and into a whole new envelope altogether. Maybe manila. . . And to find stuff that makes our store look so fun that we can sell them and buy some more ‘crazy beautiful’ stuff for our store. (our furniture is for sale as well, in case you haven’t noticed the deliberately tiny price tags on them)

Sometimes we’re successful at pinning these guys down and making them sell out of our store.

At other times, we catch hold of them for our pop-ups, just long enough to keep them interested before we have to set them free into the world . . .

. . . to create some more stuff for us crazies.

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